Oswald’s Tale

Oswald’s Tale – Norman Mailer

The story of Lee Harvey Oswald is buried in a twisting path that led from New Orleans to Japan to Soviet Russia and then back home to Texas. Mailer also introduces us to his version of Marina. A solid backbone for Oswald’s tale from a basic perspective.

PT 109

PT 109 – William Doyle

An American epic of war, survival, and the destiny of John F. Kennedy. JFK’s hero story about having your boat run clean through by a destroyer in the middle of the night and most of the crew survives the experience. A big crunch. Lots of swimming. A coconut message. Jack Kennedy led them home. Inspiring.

Rat Pack Confidential

Rat Pack Confidential – Shawn Levy

More depth and less tabloid frenzy than you might expect from a book with this title. But it’s all there: selfishness and debauchery, mobbed-up Vegas, life in the 60s fast lane. Sinatra was at the heart of the web, with Dean, Sammy, and a couple of losers hanging out for kicks. Sinatra was doing all the kicking. A fun, easy read that opens the doors to 60s history for those who weren’t there.

Once Upon a Secret

Once Upon a Secret – Mimi Alford

Once upon a time a nineteen-year-old college student went to work at the White House and met the President. What he did next is in the history books. Mimi Alford’s story is true. At times Jack Kennedy was nothing more nor less than the Pimp In Chief.

American Tabloid

American Tabloid – James Ellroy

A gritty noir take on the circumstances surrounding the JFK assassination. All the bloody guts and gore of a page-turning Ellroy novel, set against the backdrop of November 22, 1963. Ellroy illustrates the depths of Federal law enforcement corruption and how much the Cuban exile community hated JFK.