Cryptonomicon – Neal Stephenson

Secret codes, hot babes, and a whole lot of gold. Follow the adventures of the Waterhouse and Shaftoe families from WW2 to the present day world of the internet. A page-turning thriller with enough twists to keep you guessing until the end.

The Diamond Age

The Diamond Age – Neal Stephenson

Nell survives Shanghai, a city of walled gardens. A software engineer builds “A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer” and the story takes off. A wild collection of tribes navigate a world of nanobot frenzy and outright war. The mice march on. Stephenson’s best.

Oswald’s Tale

Oswald’s Tale – Norman Mailer

The story of Lee Harvey Oswald is buried in a twisting path that led from New Orleans to Japan to Soviet Russia and then back home to Texas. Mailer also introduces us to his version of Marina. A solid backbone for Oswald’s tale from a basic perspective.

The Martian

The Martian – Andy Weir

Potato farming in outer space for fun and survival. Keeps the pages turning, one potato at a time. Don’t act surprised about the happy ending. If it didn’t have a happy ending the book wouldn’t have sold and the movie would never have gotten a green light. Enjoy!